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E-Book: How you can make your own SINGLE images or photos real 3D.


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Now this is art. 5 minutes work....
Just a screenshot from streetwiew...

Use these glasses to see depth in the images. Click on the images to zoom in.

If you don't have anaglyph glasses, you can buy them on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Red-blue-Anaglyph-3D-Glasses-game-Extra/dp/B003LWYGPE

about 2 $.

 If you type "3d anaglyph" in the Google search bar, a lot of images are found and you can see real depth putting on the red/cyan glasses.

A real deep 3D image instead of a 2D (flat) image. Seeing this stunning images, I've wondered how I could make this 3d effect in my 2D images.

After an interesting search I found out I must have two images from the same object or scene to begin with. Stereo-images they are called. It is easy to make them. First you take a picture of a landscape, move the camera a few centimeters to the left and make the second image. Or you buy 2 cameras and put them on a rail with a fixed distance. Connect the shutters and you have two pictures in one shot. Load these images on your computer and you can work on these to make a 3D anaglyph scene viewed with the 3D glasses.


 But then I knew  I had a problem!

I have a lot of photos, images and scans,

but not in stereo.

Only Single images.

And I don't think you have stereo-images too. So I was wondering how I could convert the single ones I have from flat 2D into real 3D.

Searching again on the internet I found the information I was looking for but the quality of the images and the information was very poor and certainly not detailed, but with this poor knowledge I started to experiment on my own images to make them real 3d.

Step after step I've improved my skills and made some stunning results.It is great looking at a 3D anaglyph with great depth. Made by myself! And it really gives you the feeling of revisiting the location or happening when you are looking at a real deep 3D image! 2D is not giving you this feeling.

And now you can have this feeling too.

If you have your paper photographs (old, very old or new) on your computer,

or your computer is loaded with digital camera images,

or if you're an artist or have many images from the internet to work with,

you can make all these 3D anaglyph.

And do some nice tricks too.

It can be done with all images, photo's (digital and scanned), drawings and even clipart.

Any image that loads into a photo paint program can be transformed into a 3D anaglyph.

And... the nice thing is...

You don't have to be an artist, painter or professional designer,

anyone who can trace a line or can paint by numbers can do this.

Most images are not a lot of work; it is easy for everyone to make a stunning result. After all, you decide how much detail the image has in the end. You can make it simple, you can make it complicated. But the result is always amazing.

Time varies from 5 minutes to an hour. Or, if you want to work in very tiny detail, somewhat longer.
But in the end you will have a very different look on photography and your own images.

It is like you are standing again at the scene you took years ago, not looking at a flat piece of paper but viewing the real scene.

And the programs to work with...

Photoshop or Photoshop elements is ideal. Also very expensive!

If you have a couple of hundred dollars left to spend, buy it. Most people however are not so fortunate to have a large budget.

But don't worry... you don't have to spend this kind of money.

We can do it absolutely for free!

We'll work with a Program called Gimp, it is a great free Photoshop clone made by freelance programmers.

Download and install it now (No cost, absolutely freeware! No adware, demo or other snakes in the grass. It is the full program with lifetime usage.).

And don't worry, doing the Gimp tutorials I will also explain how to do it in Photoshop too.

Some procedures are different in the programs and, of course, Photoshop is a very professional photopaint program, but the results will be the same.
If you don't have Photoshop, you can still have amazing results too, for free... Results are great with Gimp!

In fact... all the images in this website are made by me, using Gimp.

Here you can buy and download the E-Book. Just click the "buy now" button.


 Price: 5 Euro. Paypal (converts to $) and creditcard.

Direct download. PDF format

You're on your way in a few minutes.

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The download also has the images i used in the  book.So you can follow the tutorials step by step.

Chapters of the book.

Make a flat anaglyph
Make a Real Deep 3D from single images.
Several ways to make a stunning image.
Draw it. Invert it.
Some tricks to make a different Anaglyph.
A picture in a picture.
Tunnel vision

Tutorial Videos 
Objects coming out of the screen.
Making partial Anaglyphs.
Transparency in 3D anaglyphs.
Print Anaglyph images. 
Short keys sheet Gimp.
Short keys sheet Photoshop.


Play your 3D games in 3D anaglyph for $0. Works with games like racing-games, first person shooters, fantasy and many more.


3D anaglyph video player.
Show any movie, DVD in 3D.


Some interesting links.
Sites with images.
Programs for making anaglyphs.


Make a DVD movieshow from your own images.

With audio comments, subtitles and background music. With a free program: Photostory 3. Some nice tricks to make an interesting movie like zooming, panning and scanning.

If you want to buy the book, click on the Buy Now button.

Only 5 € or around 5$



Not everybody can see 3D anaglyph.

Common problems for all 3D viewing methods are:

One eyed people cannot see 3D.

People where the 2 eyes don't work together cannot see 3D.

People using glasses with a huge difference between the prescription for Left and Right eye cannot see 3D.

People with some difference in vision for Right- and Left eye will have problems or cannot see 3D.

If you want to download and install Gimp now, you can do it here.


For Windows and the Mac. Freeware. No cost. No adware, just the free program.

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